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At Egoli United FC, our vision is to become a renowned centre of excellence, empowering champions both on and off the pitch. We aim to leave a global footballing legacy by producing world-class players with exceptional skills and character while inspiring a lifelong love for the beautiful game. With entertaining and attractive football, we strive to be a source of pride for Johannesburg, leading the way in gender equality and community engagement. Embracing innovation and forging positive role models, we are committed to shaping a lasting impact on the sport, transcending generations and inspiring football enthusiasts worldwide.

Soccer Players


At Egoli United FC, our philosophy is centred on creating world-class players and individuals who excel both on and off the field. We are dedicated to playing high-pressing, possession-based, and attractive football that captivates fans and inspires a new generation of football enthusiasts. Our commitment to this style of play extends to every coach, ensuring that players' tactical and technical abilities reach the highest levels possible

Kids Playing Soccer



As the Club embarks on this exciting journey, our sporting objectives guide the principles that shape the vision and purpose of the Club. The primary goal of the Club is to cultivate a nurturing and professional environment where young talents can develop their skills, fulfil their potential, and embrace the values of the beautiful game. Our club is committed to providing our players with the best coaches and resources to achieve exceptional results. The Club aims to provide comprehensive training programs focusing on technical proficiency, tactical awareness, physical conditioning, social development and mental resilience. The Club strives to produce well-rounded athletes who excel on and off the field through structured coaching methodologies and a commitment to individualised 

development. Furthermore, the Club aims to instil a love for the game, promoting teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship among its aspiring footballers. Ultimately, the sporting objectives of the football Club are to produce talented players who can compete at the highest levels of the sport, while also fostering personal growth, character development, and a lifelong passion for the game.

Girls Soccer Team in Practice
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